How deep you can go?

How deep you can go?

In this century, most of the earth’s population has some degree of intelligence. Most of us took at least one school class and we can read. And in this pride we believe that we know everything and do not listen to others. We believe that no one has the right to teach us unless if he is not a guru.

It is true that not all people can teach us everything. Many of the ideas from a discussion may not apply to us, if it is something psychological. Or may not have enough arguments to be accepted, if it is something scientific. However, a very important thing is to listen to each one and analyze everything that person says and to extract from any discussion what we find logical and useful. Most of the discussions we have and especially the debates of ideas, we do to tell our ideas and to prove to the interlocutor that we are correct. We have very few discussions to try to understand what’s going on inside the heart and mind of our interlocutor. Well, listening carefully to the ideas of our interlocutor and trying to understand them – I call depth.

Depth is the ability of the concentration that we can allocate to the thing we create or to the discussion we have. This depth I am talking about is synonymous with focus and concentration. But I will use the term depth because it has a more sentimental note.

And I have noticed many extraordinarily beautiful benefits that can be brought by going deep in anything. Do you want to know them too? Then continue reading

What are the benefits of depth?

It brings you happiness

I experienced this two days ago when I was having a philosophical discussion with a friend. I’ve had a lot of discussions with him, but that one was special. It was special because I managed to get deep with him. How did I do that? For the first time I listened to him without preparing a reply while he spoke. I imagined every word that came out of his mouth. I listened to him and tried understand him. I imagined that I was him, and that everything he told me I was imagining that it was me doing that. That’s when I understood what he was thinking. I also understood why. This brought me happiness and a special fulfillment, because I learned and understood something new. I enjoyed it because I strongly believe that any experience, no matter how big or small, learned and lived, can change your life completely.

Imagine what level of happiness you could have if you went into the depths of something you are passionate about, even if it’s career, science or sports? How much joy will you have when you worked on your business with dedication and you see that you earn in a month as much as you earned before in a year? Imagine how much joy you will have if you go into the depths of science and discover a new scientific law that will change the course of history. And this joy solves a fundamental problem of existentialism, which is:

It helps us find the meaning of our lives

Correct! The meaning of life! When we deepen and achieve something, we feel that immense joy that we talked about before and it brings you the solution to the problem of the meaning of your life. Then you realize that in this life you want to reach that great ecstasy of joy. And you will get there by doing those things that brought you before. Whether you are a doctor, you become the best and discover new vaccines. Whether you are an athlete and cheer up hundreds of millions of people. Whether you’re a musician who bring warmth in billions of hearts. Because we must realize that we are only in a hasty and temporary passage on this earth. That is why we must leave the best to our descendants.

And I believe that God has put this lust for the meaning of life into our hearts for this purpose. He created laws, after which everything moves. Gravity so we can move on earth. Photosynthesis in plants to feed. Hormones to have sexual desires and to multiply. And finally that professional emptiness we feel. This emptiness or this law left by God in order to have a desire to feel fulfilled only when we create, when we set new limits, when we move the world forward and leave what is best to our descendants. Because:

The world we see around us was create by some people that have gone into the depths of things.

What happens when you press the switch? The light comes on! When we plug in the phone, we see that it is charging. But this is all due to the fact that a century ago, Nicola Tesla was able to understand the law of current down to the level of atoms and to imagine how they flow through copper wires and based on which laws move. The music you listen to and which fills your heart with the most beautiful emotions, was created by those who have reached so deep into the world of musical notes. If there were no those who went deep, we would not have had even fire now! We’re flying because someone went into the depths of aerodynamics. The ships float because Archimedes has gone into the depths of his laws. And the list could go on and on …

How can you go deeper?

Understand the beauty of benefits

When you see someone driving the car of your dreams … let’s say it’s a Ferrari, what is the most important thing you want to ask that person? How did he managed to buy such a car, so that later you can go and do the same and have that car. Motivation can only occur for two reasons: fear or love. Motivation out of fear pushes you to survive. Instead, motivation out of love pushes you to do heroic deeds. To create something that will remain written in history.

If you understand the great benefits of depth you will want to have them too! Start here first. Then …

Loves loneliness

Let me start with a small remark: the loneliness, or intimacy you have with someone! And I’m not talking about body intimacy. But the emotional and spiritual intimacy. I have generalized loneliness, because it is quite difficult to find someone with whom you can feel so good that you can reach that spiritual intimacy. And if you can’t find people like that, it’s better to be alone.

Even if a thousand people would surround us, there will always be things that only you will feel and nobody else will come even close to the level of feelings you have. When your body or soul hurts, have you ever noticed that only you feel the intensity of that feeling? It is true that no matter how many of your friends will comfort you, only you will feel the pain of that separation or tragedy. And what do those feelings lead us to? Those feelings take us into a state in which we enter into depth … In this depth we create, invent, discover, bring meaning and balance to our lives. In solitude, you manage to analyze all these things. Fun is the enemy of creation and success. The fun is superficial. And it’s only good for temporary rest. But in solitude you manage to focus very well and go into the depths of everything.

Get the most out of everything

We humans tend to look for comfort and love to indulge there. We avoid problematic situations as much as possible, we hate broken hearts, but in those moments, we manage to reach the deepest, because we are alone there. Then we create things that heal our hearts and most likely many others if our creation is published and is a work of art or a song or a movie. Shakespeare healed his heart by writing poems, and with him many others who read his poems and felt those emotions. Many musicians wrote their feelings on notes. They wrote music to heal their hearts from certain feelings. And when we listen to their music, we heal as well.

A wise man said that we must learn from everything. Learn from the water to always be clean. Learn from the rock how to have an unshakable belief. Learn from bad things what you need to do to stop making mistakes. And who knows … who knows if the fact that your tire breaks in the morning isn’t really the only thing that have forced to avoid an accident that could have taken your life.

For the survival of our race, the knowledge that most of us have is enough. But this is not enough to find a meaning and a pleasure in life. To find these things we need to go as deep as possible into every thing. Did you understand the benefits? What do you leave behind?

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